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I was seduced by Stargate Atlantis fanfiction into joining LJ. Lurking just wasn't flexible enough anymore, especially when I realized that the etiquette of the community required that I leave feedback, and "anonymous" sounds so, umm, hidden, untrustworthy. My love of comic books, science fiction and fantasy (by way of fairy tales), and television/movies featuring the same, goes way back. Way, way, WAY back. Before you were born. I read X-Men #1 in a dentist's office, and thought it was pretty cool. When Spock first showed up (in black and white) on my tv screen my reaction was "Hey, it's Namor, the Sub-Mariner!" Another early influence was Jane Austen. When I ran out of her works I discovered Georgette Heyer, and the entire realm of historical romantic comedies. The movies of the thirties, forties and fifties were another early joy and warping influence; there wasn't much else to watch on tv most of the time, and it made a great babysitter. So, fairy tales, comic book heroes, and romantic comedy. Sounds like SGA, doesn't it?