grand_sophy (grand_sophy) wrote,

Tiptoeing around the gender issues

After reading a fair number of LJ journals and online reviews and comments and even (daringly, but cautiously) some TWoP episode posts, I have yet to see one person object to the murder of the possessed male host body of either the crossroads demon or the "practice" demon.

Fun as it is to speculate that a male crossroads demon implies bisexuality for Sam, I suspect it was purely a political facesaver for the show, to avoid having Sam mutilate and murder another innocent woman. The anticipated outrage over the Sam/Ruby hookup would have been enough for one episode. But I can forgive Sam for that murder more than I can Ruby for driving the Knife through the throat of a bound, helpless victim, who could easily have been exorcised the conventional way when Sam's psychic effort failed. I wonder if that was meant to be a clue that Ruby is not completely the Goody Goody Two Shoes she's trying so hard to simulate. Dean needs get over his gratitude and revert to suspicion and goading taunts, so we can get a better feel for what she's really up to.

So, fandom, pffft for failing to mourn two more victims of the demon wars, just because they were men.

Also, was I the only one who briefly wanted Ruby's spine to flare red when she and Sam were making love? (Although, of course, no demon half-breeds, please.) I was? Okay, then.
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