It appears reports of its death are premature. I e-wailed of its death last night to my son who, bless his terse little heart, responded with a timeliness that never occurs if I'm merely trying to check up on his continued existence, "Try this:"

Yes, take that! You internet oppressors, you! I wonder when this will show up on the Big Bang Theory. Not holding my breath, took them two years to realize the comic potential of Settlers of Catan.

In other news, Fringe is awesome, and Supernatural is (currently) not. Supernatural, as you are the show of my heart, please try harder. Also, Grimm is boring, Once Upon a Time is making my inner seven-year-old very happy, I want Terra Nova back (finally watched December's finale), and when the heck is that Jason Isaacs show finally going to air? I've been waiting foreeeeever! (Is blog wailing blailing?) Also, Revenge is so pleasurable that guilty doesn't even enter into it. Glad they didn't do anything too drastic to Amanda/Emily (as distinct from Emily/Amanda), as two butt-kicking female sociopaths are better than one.


I've wanted to see this old Mitch Leisen comedy since, oh 1973 or thereabouts, and today I got to watch it on TCM. The script was by Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder, so predictably there were some wonderful zingers, and I absolutely adored Rex O'Malley as the witty and naughty best friend of the cheating wife (the equally wonderful Mary Astor). It felt a bit Wilde, a bit Shaw, and a bit Marx Brothers.

Things I took a way from the movie: Claudette Colbert is right up there with Jean Arthur as a sublime comedienne of unique beauty; 1939's women's size 12 would be about a size 2 today; Don Ameche is much better looking than I remembered, although not as drop dead gorgeous as Francis Lederer; and John Barrymore was a wicked and wickedly funny imp as Mary Astor's husband, who hires Colbert to lure the aforesaid drop dead gorgeous Lederer away from his wife. Oh, and the gowns by Irene alternated between divine and hilariously awful--the best combination ever.


Why, FOX, Why?

Darn it. Fox has moved Fringe to Thursdays at 9pm. So now the Supernatural competition is Grey's Anatomy, CSI, The Office/30 Rock, and Fringe. And it's choir night, so I'm limited to two programs on the DVR. Goodbye, Office. It was nice knowing you.

The studio should consider releasing the Supernatural Season Four DVD set earlier this summer, to give newbies a chance to get hooked on the show before it premieres against all that competition. I wonder if having another supernatural-themed show on at the same time will help keep the writers on their toes, creatively. I'd like to see them continue to take chances, the way they did this year. And I'm really kind of hoping for a sixth season. Or a movie. (I was looking at Chris Pine's mega-sized face on the big screen in Star Trek and mentally replacing him with Jensen Ackles. It was pretty.) But they'll need good ratings this year to justify it.

Various Inanities

Before it's too late, I'm going to make one prediction for tonight's ep: the real Ruby is still down in Hell, and new!Ruby (of the completely different personality) is a different demon who's been manipulating Sam on behalf of her Hellish superiors all season and will get her glorious comeuppance tonight. Okay, actually I have no clue, but Ruby as she is has got to go; she's too boring to keep.

Second inane point: Misha Collins is very funny, and very profane. And for some reason reminds me of  kroki_refur on his Twitter account. Which is a good thing.

Third inane point: On the Lost finale, did anyone else, on hearing "Ricardus" spouting Latin, think of the legend of Longinus, the Roman centurion who pierced the side of Christ with his lance, and in some modern reworkings of the myth is doomed to wander the earth, immortal and cursed, like the Wandering Jew? Also, did the two new characters, the nameless one of whom I shall call Esau, remind anyone of the squabbling Cain and Abel from the DC/Vertigo comics? No? Alrighty, then.

Reaction to Supernatural 4.18

Stupefied, pretty much sums it up for me. Julie Siege has some balls (or the female equivalent). But what I really, really want to read are some fanboy reactions. Stupefied fanboys, preferably. Ranting would be good.


According to the Urban Dictionary, "meep" is "the most versatile word in the English language, or in fact any language!" and definition 1.1 of its many meanings is "ouch or uh-oh.." It therefore perfectly describes how I feel about tonight's Supernatural.

I have watched the extremely spoilery SPACE promo for the ep, and feel the same way about it I felt about the Canada geese that were the scourge of the New Jersey town where I used to live: bemused, mortified and weirdly gratified that something Canadian can be so disrespectful of the normal proprieties, and so notorious beyond the borders of its native country. One admonishing finger-wag for you, SPACE channel.

Spoilers for the SPACE promo for 4.16, and meeping.Collapse )

The Winchesters sneak their way into genre fiction

This post at Supernatural Sisters was my first indicator that Sam and Dean, or versions thereof, had made their way over to published fiction, so it didn't take me too far into Havemercy to recognize their influence. The authors of this fantasy about an aerial unit of metallic, magical dragons and their riders are young, video game playing, manga reading, livejournaling women, so it's not surprising that their book reads like one of the better longer Big Bang stories. It's astonishing, but encouraging that they were able to get a multi-book deal from a major publisher so early in their careers; there are a lot of excellent fanfic writers who deserve at least the same level of success.

The book is far from perfect, and I skimmed large chunks of it, particularly the rather plodding romance between the second set of protagonists. It's also irritating that a book by two women has no authentic feminine presence; no fleshed out characters, no sense of their contribution to the created world. However--Sam and Dean! The womanizing, foul mouthed bad boy hot shot, and the sensitive, stubborn, bitch faced college student who loves redeems him (teasingly referred to by the Dean surrogate as " 'versity boy"). To summarize: Dean in long, blue-dyed braids screaming through the air on the back of a black war dragon. How can I not root for a SPN/Temeraire/manga crossover?

Speaking of blue hair... I love the TV Tropes website. Best waste of time ever.


Supernatural 4.14

I'm feeling a weird mixture of horror and exhilaration. I'll need to rewatch to sort out my feelings, but the episode title sure didn't lie. However I am wishing it had more of the gratuitious male nudity that was so striking in tonight's Smallville. Now that show knows how to pander to its audience, for good or evil.

Supernatural 4.13

So, so, so relieved. After the horrible Family Remains and the lightweight Criss Angel episodes, I was wondering if my faith in Show was misplaced, and my efforts to make my brother a Supernatural convert misguided. Tonight was vastly more satisfying, from both an emotional and aesthetic point of view. I anticipate much squee; in fact, I'm off to read some of it right now.